hand.jpgFive Finger Test

Use the Five Finger test to check the reading level of a book to see if it is a just right book for you. Follow the steps below.

1. Open the book to the middle. Select a full page of text.
2. Read the page aloud.
3. When you come to a word you do not know how to pronounce or the meaning put up one finger.
4. If you have five fingers up before you get to the bottom of the page, the book is too difficult to read independently.
It may be too difficult with four finger up also.
5. If you are reading very slowly and having trouble pronouncing the words, and you do not get any fingers up the book might be too challenging and you might not enjoy reading the book.
6. If you complete reading the page and get 3 fingers up, you have a hard decision to make. Read the book's summary and if it sounds great, then try the book.
7. No fingers up or one or two fingers up means the book is probably a good choice and is a just right book. You will enjoy it!