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Books are wonderful and can take you anywhere. Reading is very fun, so we need to take good care of books so that many people can enjoy them. Here are some ways you can take good care of books.
single book.jpgAlways handle books with clean hands.
single book.jpg Read your book before or after you eat or drink.
single book.jpgTurn the pages one at a time using the top corner but not the bottom or the middle of the page.

single book.jpgAlways use a bookmark to save where you stop reading instead of folding down the corner of the page that causes dog ears. Never use a pencil to save your place because this breaks the spine and the pages will fall out.
single book.jpgRead library books but do not draw, cut, or write in them.
single book.jpgCarry books home in a backpack. Do not put books in the same pocket as a water bottle.(Books do not like water!)
single book.jpgHave a safe place to put library books. The safest place is in your backpack. Read your books and then put them back in your backpack.
single book.jpgKeep books away from little brothers, little sisters, and pets.
single book.jpgAlways take books inside and never leave books outside.
single book.jpgHold books with both hands (give your book a hug!)
single book.jpgIf a book is damaged, do not repair it yourself. Take the book to the Teacher Librarian so they can fix it.
single book.jpgRemember to return books on time so others can enjoy them, too.