Meet the Kaiser Library Staff

Karen Epps - Teacher Librarian
Mrs. Epps grew up in Richmond, Missouri on a dairy farm. She always knew at a young age she wanted to be a teacher librarian when she grew up because she fell in love with books and learning. Mrs. Epps got her Masters in Information and Learning Technology from the University of Colorado at Denver and became a teacher librarian. She has been a teacher librarian for eighteen years at Kaiser Elementary. She loves working with technology and has many hobbies such as quilting, cooking, gardening, exercising, crocheting, and of course reading!

librarian with book cart.jpg
Phyllis Stephens -- Librarian Assistant Extraordinaire (and she's a VOLUNTEER!)
Mrs. Stephens is a retired language arts teacher who used to teach Junior High School students in California. She retired from teaching, married a childhood friend and moved to Colorado with her new husband. She became a grandmother and started volunteering in her grandsons school (Kaiser) in the library. She enjoys it so much that she has been volunteering there for thirteen years. Mrs. Stephens does all the clerical duties of checking in and out books, finding books for students, pulling thematic books for teachers, attaching new books to the catalog system, shelving all returned books, setting up displays, helping with contests and Book Fairs, and withdrawing old books. Doing these tasks frees Mrs. Epps to work and teach students. Mrs. Stephens is much loved and much appreciated!